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What can I do with Petpoc?


Pets in your pocket

Petpoc is the new home for pets on your iPhone. Launch the app to be greeted by your pets on the home screen. Quick, easy access to every part of the app at your fingertips.


Snap Photos

Use the Petpoc photobooth to take beautiful pet photos. And with the easy-to-use camera controls, snapping great photos of your pets is a breeze. Say cheese!


Dress up

Is there anything funnier than a pet dressed up? We think not! In Petpoc you can dress your pets up with boatloads of items & accessories designed just for pets.


Save Memories

Each photo you take is stored in your personal pet diary so you can always remember that special moment with your pets. Browse your timeline or view single photos in fullscreen – either way your photos look fantastic.


Play Games

We love playing games (actually we’re kind of addicted). We thought it’d be great if you could bring your pets into your favorite games? Imagine playing games with your pet as the hero! We thought it was such a good idea we built an entire games section, now your pet can become the player.


Unlock Content

The more you use the app, the more coins you add to your Piggybank. Take photos, share photos and play games and you’ll soon start earning a lot! With enough coins in your piggybank you can unlock more great content. Cha-ching!

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